Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines

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  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
  • Carburetor Bundle Pack for K241, K301, M10, and M12 Engines
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Replacement Carburetor Bundle Pack for Kohler K241 and K301 10HP and 12HP Cast Iron Engines. 

This carburetor is an aftermarket reproduction of the Kohler #26 carburetor. It has a 1.07" Throttle Bore and a .812" Venturi. It also will replace the Walbro WHG 52 Carburetor.

Our Carburetor Bundle includes everything you need to overhaul your old engine's fuel system:
  • Kohler #26 Style Carburetor with Choke Lever Style 2 installed
  • Throttle Linkage 
  •  2 Feet of 1/4" ID, 1/2" OD Fuel Line
  • 6 Hose Clamps
  • Carburetor Intake Gasket
  • Carburetor Air Filter Side Gasket
  • Additional Choke Lever for Older Style Kohler K Engines (Choke Lever Style 3)
  • 90 Degree Fuel Fitting
  • Inline Fuel Filter
  • Inline Fuel Shut Off Valve
  • Instructions
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73 Reviews

  • 4
    Great kit

    Got this because my old carburetor that was original was tuned too many times before I got it! Came with all the parts that were needed. I would’ve given it five stars if the instructions would’ve shown how to prime the empty bowl. But you tube was the answer.

  • 5
    Carb kit for Kohler K301

    I bought the kit a few years ago and just installed on a Gravely 5665. Works like a charm and no tuning required. Bought a second for a Gravely Professional 12. I’ve spent too many hours rebuilding them and want to spend time running them not tinkering with them.

  • 5

    Works good good love it

  • 5
    New Carb works great!

    Our 50 year old old Ford has been in barn storage for 7 years so I opted for new parts when I could (can always rebuild and keep the OE parts). My kids installed this carb with no problems other than the tight fit on the left side which is a design problem on the original too. The appropriate choke lever was included and easy to swap. More than enough hose for our application. See our Youtube channel "Dad Said We Could" for the install and first run. Not trying to milk anything, I just truly appreciate that there is a company out there making parts for these old tractors. Thank you isavetractors!

  • 5

    Excellent replacement carburetors. Bought two bundle packs for my Jacobsen 1200 and my Ford 120. They sell quality replacement parts.

  • 5
    Great product

    I ordered this setup and very pleased with it. What makes it even better is that Norman will get back with you for any issue that you may have, even if it's caused by the operator

  • 4
    Nice carb replacement, a few minor issues

    This was just what I needed to fix the hard-start problem on my 1987 CubCadet. There were some issues with the kit however: - Space between bolt heads and carb body is tighter than the original carb. Really hard to get a normal wrench in there. - Carb adjustment from the factory did have to be redone as I had backfiring at first. Not a big deal, but the directions had indicated it would be pre-adjusted so beware. - Clamps for fuel line not very strong and had some fuel leaking at first. Hose seems to have "set" now and is better. Probably need stronger clamps. - Nice adjustable linkage! Was a bit loose at first on the ball end. Just needed to clamp down on it with needle nose.

  • 5

    Great replacement for a Kohler k241 on a gravely. Ran perfectly out of the box with no adjusting required. Way better than the 25 dollar option from Amazon. Don’t waste your time with those

  • 4
    1987 John Deere 212

    I bought the carburetor bundle for my 1987 JD 212. The carb itself seems to be much better quality than the 30-dollar version on Amazon. Once installed and adjusted properly, it certainly idles much better than the cheaper version. I did not have to change the choke lever, though I did have a couple issues with my application that I wanted to mention. First there was extra material on the throttle shaft tab just in front of where the linkage connects. This material kept my air filter assembly from going back on. After trimming off tab as much as I could, the linkage and top of the throttle shaft tab misses the air cover assembly by about an 1/8 of an inch, when throttling up and down – should be good. Second issue, when putting the air filter assembly back on, the screws bottomed out before tightening up – we put a nut on them and trimmed them down and was all good. Other than the couple of hiccups described I am satisfied.

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