Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16

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  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
  • Kohler Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16
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iSaveTractors Brand Aftermarket Carburetor for all Kohler K321, K341, K361, M14, and M16 engines.
The choke levers that come with this carburetor allow it to work with a direct choke connection, a choke system that uses additional choke levers on the engine's blower housing, or choking manually by hand. 
  • This carburetor replaces the Kohler/Carter #30 Carburetor. Also replaces Walbro WHG #60 and WHG #64 Carburetor.
  • It has a 30mm/1.2" Diameter Throttle Bore
  • Replaces Kohler 47 853 23-S and many more

Our carburetor is fully adjustable, re-buildable, and feature brass floats. 

This Carburetor includes:

  • Straight Style Choke Lever (Installed) (Choke Lever Style 2)
  • Triangular Shaped Choke Lever with tab(Choke Lever Style 3)
  • Fuel Elbow
Regarding the Throttle Ball:
The top of our throttle lever has a Ball Joint.  If your original carburetor is from a Magnum Engine or is a Walbro made carburetor your carburetor may just have a hole with a little plastic bushing. If you would like to continue using the plastic bushing you can simply remove the ball from my throttle by filing the underside of the ball (It is press riveted on) and remove it, or you can use an adjustable throttle linkage that snaps into the ball. We sell the adjustable linkage here 

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57 Reviews

  • 5
    Exchanged choke shaft, never had to touch a setting

    Posted by Greg Wieskamp on Oct 22nd 2020

    read instructions FIRST !

  • 5
    Perfect fit and a quality made product

    Posted by Craig kivi on Oct 8th 2020

    I looked for a carb for my old tractor for years but they were discontinued from kohler so I was left with changing motors or scrapping it, this carb is a small part but a very important item that I couldn’t get along without . Thanks

  • 5
    carburetor works great

    Posted by rick m on Oct 6th 2020

    installed it and the .motor fired right up. I thought it had the triangle choke lever installed according to the description. but it has the longer choke installed my choke is backwards on the dash but that's fine lol

  • 5
    Kohler Carburetor #30

    Posted by Steve Kimmerling on Sep 30th 2020

    Fits just like it's suppose to. Had to return first one I ordered (too small) the folks here @ Isave tractors took care of everything and I couldn't be happier

  • 5

    Posted by Ray Gilmour on Sep 20th 2020

    The carburetor is well made. Unfortunately the float leaked causing fuel to spill all over my shop floor. I contacted Norm and a replacement is supposedly in the mail.

  • 5
    k321 carb

    Posted by j.s. on Aug 10th 2020

    better than expected. Bolted right on. Little adjustments needed on hi and low. Now my ford lgt 145 runs again and doesn't mis a beat. I would 100% recommend this carb and this company. Thanks so much.

  • 5

    Posted by David D Mouw on Jul 31st 2020

    Great customer service, got all my questions answered. Product fit and worked great. Got the new carb hooked up and tractor has never ran better. Thank you

  • 5
    Carburetor for Kohler K321 14hp #30

    Posted by Robert W. Guthrie on Jun 6th 2020

    From the way it came, and out of the box I knew this was going to be good. I think the carb looked better than a OEM part. I just finished putting carb on my Power King Tractor 6/June/2020. The only adjustment I had to make was curb ideal. Putting the carb on was the easy part. I did as you have in the instruction changed all hoses new clamps, remove tank.

  • 5
    Carburetor #30 for Kohler K321 Works Great

    Posted by Kenneth Schroeder on May 26th 2020

    I had a Walbro carburetor on the K321, in which one throttle plate screw had loosened and fell out and the other sheared off this Spring. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the screws after removing the cylinder head. The new after market carburetor is designed like the Carter carburetor and all I needed to do was switch to the included choke shaft. Included instruction were most helpful for removing the installed shaft making sure not to lose the tiny ball and spring. It did not explain how to install the shaft and yet keeping the tiny ball and spring in place. Was fairly simple though using the butt end of a small drill bit to depress the ball and spring while pushing the replacement choke shaft in (just don't push the shaft in too far or the ball will drop out again). Best to do this over a pan so you don't lose the ball. Minimal to no adjustment needed with the low speed and high speed. Actually, now I can now run the engine at idle, which I couldn't previously. So far, I am very pleased. I was able to find a new throttle shaft and plate for the Walbro for half the cost of this carburetor, which I had ordered prior to checking with I Save Tractors. Of course that was being ordered through Kohler. Oh well, still saving significantly over the cost of a new carburetor from Kohler. Thanks much, Ken.

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