Anatomy of an Ignition Coil - Revealing the mystery

Anatomy of an Ignition Coil - Revealing the mystery

Ignition coils are very simple devices yet widely misunderstood by the small engine and tractor community. In an effort to take some of the mystery out of we decided to cut one of our ignition coils to show you what it's made of.

The below picture is of the primary and secondary windings in our iSaveTractors ignition coil. The part on the left is the primary winding. This winding is a thick insulated copper wire. 4 amps of 12 volt current runs through this wire creating an electromagnetic field. 

The part on the right is the secondary winding. This winding is a very thin copper wire which is also wrapped in an insulating coating. This wire is significantly longer than the primary winding. This is responsible for transforming your 12 volt 4 amp current into a 30,000 volt spark which creates your engine's combustion. These parts are all housed in an oil filled metal container making up the rest of the ignition coil.

Thank you for saving the tractors!

Nov 16th 2016

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