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Kohler K Series Carburetor Buying Guide


In this guide, I tell you what aftermarket Carburetor you need for your Kohler K Series Engine.

Engine: Kohler K90, K91, K141, K160, K161, K181, M8 in 3 thru 8HP 

Carburetor: Kohler #16 Carburetor

Specs: 0.810" Throttle Bore. 0.542" Veturi

Engine: Kohler K241, K301, M10, M12 in 10HP or 12HP

Carburetor: Kohler #26 Carburetor

Specs: 1.07" Throttle Bore. 0.812" Venturi

Engine: Any Kohler Magnum Twin or KT Twin Engines

Carburetor: Kohler #26 Carburetor with modifcations

Specs: 1.07" Throttle Bore. 0.812" Venturi

Engine: Kohler K321, K341, M14, M16 in 14HP or 16HP

Carburetor: Kohler #30 Carburetor

Specs: 1.2" Throttle Bore. 1.0" Venturi

Understanding the options for Choke Levers on Kohler K series Carburetors

There are many choke levers available with our line of Carburetors for the Kohler K Series and Magnum Engines. The choke levers were designed for various linkages and equipment applications in mind. Below is an explanation of the various choke levers to help you decide which carburetor to need for your Kohler K Engine.

Choke Lever Style 1

This choke lever is found on Kohler K Series Engines that either mounted on equipment where you manually open and close the choke with your hand or through a linkage such as dash mounted controls on a tractor.

When mounted onto riding equipment such as tractors there are 2 linkage setups that were used. The first was the choke cable was routed so it connected directly to the choke lever from above the carburetor. When you pulled the choke cable the choke lever will be pulled up to close and then when the choke cable was pushed in, the cable pushed the choke lever downward. This was a common setup on John Deere Garden Tractors.

The second linkage syle was with an "L" shaped bracket mounted on the blower housing. When mounted onto tractor the "L" shaped bracket pushes the choke choke closed as you pull the choke cable and pulls the choke down as you push the choke cable inward. 

If this choke is used on a tractor with the "L" shaped bracket you may have to make an additional bend in the wire that connect to the choke so it clears the tab on the choke lever. You can also just cut the tab off with a dremel tool if you don't intend to ever manually operate the choke.

Choke in the Closed Position

Choke in the Open Position

Choke Lever Style 2

This choke lever is also found on engines with an "L" shaped bracket. You will see it is straight and is missing the tab like in Choke Lever Style 1. This choke was on carburetors mounted on equipment where you could not manually operate the choke such as Tractors and Ride on equipment.

Choke in the Closed Position

Choke in the Open Position

Choke Lever Style 3

This choke is similar to Choke Lever Style 1 as it has the tab on the choke lever so it can be operated manually by hand. It differs because it rotates outward from the carburetor instead of inward. This was commonly used on early Kohler K engines that did not have  the "L" shaped bracket on the blower housing. On these engines, the choke cable connected directly to this lever. When connected in this fashion when you pushed in the choke cable it would push the choke lever upward to open and when you pulled the cable it pulled the choke lever downward to close.

Choke in the closed position

Choke in the Open Position

Those are the 3 most common choke lever configurations found on Kohler K Series Carburetors. We offer all three styles to fit your engine and configuration.

Thank you for saving the Tractors!


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