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Basic Wiring Diagram for all Garden Tractors using a Stator and Battery Ignition System

Here is a basic wiring diagram that applies to all Vintage and Antique Lawn and Garden Tractors using a Stator Charging System and a Battery Ignition System. We did our best to keep this as simple and as easy to understand as possible. This applies to all old Cub Cadet, Ford, Jacobsen, John Deere, Wheel [...]

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Understanding Your Battery Ignition System on your Kohler K Series Engines

Engine Science: How a Battery Ignition System WorksAs Published in July/August Issue of Lawn and Garden Tractor MagazineBy Norman Ng, iSaveTractors.comI meet a lot of people who are completely comfortable and confident disassembling an entire engine. However some of these same people are intimidated by electrical issues in their tractor. To many tractor enthusiasts, the idea of electricity is mysterious [...]

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Carburetors for the Kohler Magnum Twin Series and KT Twin Series Engines Now Available!

Hi There!We are very excited to now offer direct replacement carburetors for your Kohler Magnum Twin and KT Twin Series Engines. These are super high quality carburetors made under our supervision for Kohler M18, MV18, M20, MV20, KT17, and KT18 Engines.These feature a 26mm/1.02" throttle bore and includes a 90 degree fuel fitting.These are a [...]

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​How to tell if Your Kohler K Series Engine Needs a New Piston

How to tell if Your Kohler K Series Engine Needs a New PistonSo your Kohler K Series Engine is burning oil, smoking, or losing compression and you want to look inside to see what it needs.Do you need a new Kohler K Series Piston? How can you tell?Well in this article I will show you how to determine if [...]

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Kohler K Series Carburetor Buying Guide

In this guide, I tell you what aftermarket Carburetor you need for your Kohler K Series Engine.Engine: Kohler K90, K91, K141, K160, K161, K181, M8 in 3 thru 8HP Carburetor: Kohler #16 CarburetorSpecs: 0.810" Throttle Bore. 0.542" Veturi Engine: Kohler K241, K301, M10, M12 in 10HP or 12HPCarburetor: Kohler #26 CarburetorSpecs: 1.07" Throttle Bore. 0.812" Venturi Engine: Any Kohler Magnum Twin [...]

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Why Restore Kohler K Series Engines? Here are 5 Reasons

The Kohler K Series Small Engines have earned a legendary status among collectors and users.They were robust, powerful and reliable. Millions are still in service today and run just like they did when they were made dating back to the 1950's.Here are 5 reasons from a technical standpoint on why you should rebuild them instead [...]

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Carburetors. How do they work? Part 2

Carburetor Parts and Function.In Carburetors. How do they work? Part 1 we gave an overview of the function of the carburetor and the parts involved.In this part 2 we will explain what each part in a carburetor does so you can have a better understanding of your carburetor for your Kohler K series engine.Let's begin on [...]

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Carburetors. How do they work? Part 1

The carburetor is the doorway into your engine. It's primary function is to bring fuel and air into your engine to create combustion.An engine requires 14.7 parts of air per 1 part of fuel to create an ideal combustion scenario. This ratio is called the "stoichiometric ratio."A carburetor accomplishes its goal with a simple design [...]

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Replace Those Ignition Switches!

You found that perfect old tractor. You hauled it home.  Now what?Here is one of the first items I recommend you to replace: The ignition key switch.Chances are that old garden tractor you just brought has been sitting outside in the weather for more than a decade. rain, moisture and time wreak havoc on electrical components. When the [...]

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3 Things You Can do to Keep Your Kohler K Engine Running Forever

Can your engine run forever? Yes, with some preventative maintenance your Kohler K engine will likely outlive you.Here are 3 easy procedures to keep your engine running for another 100 years:1. Keep your engine oil clean and change it every 25 hours of use. The engine oil in your Kohler K engine is the primary lubricant [...]

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